National residence halls honorary (NRHH)


The National Residence Halls Honorary (NRHH) is an organization that strives to recognize the top 1% of student leaders living in the residence halls. The NRHH promotes and advocates four ideals of  scholastics,  leadership,  service, and  recognition; therefore, NRHH focuses residence halls programming in all these areas. At UCSB, we are affiliated with the Residence Hall Association, which gives us a solid link to all the residence halls on campus. 

The NRHH Margaret Getman Chapter at UCSB currently has a membership of thirty-five and we meet weekly throughout the year. 

Spring 2019 Meeting Information: 
San Nicolas Formal Lounge
 Thursdays  at 6:30pm to 8pm 

For more information about NRHH:
Visit National NRHH Website  and "Like" us on Facebook!



To get involved with NRHH at UCSB, any resident is allowed to apply to join the organization. The resident must fulfill the following criteria: live in one of the nine residence halls or have previously lived in the Residence Halls for at least one quarter and having a cumulative GPA of at least at 2.3. Applications are open at the beginning and end of each quarter.

Most importantly, NRHH loves Of-The-Month (OTM) awards. An OTM is a written statement explaining how a person or program made a positive, meaningful impact during the month for which the OTM is submitted.
Write one of your own OTM Nominations at: