What is rha?

The Residential Housing Association is an Office of Student Life registered organization whose members are all residents in the Residence Halls. The governing body is composed of one Council per Residence Hall and a Coordinating Board at the top. With over 350 students in the Building Councils and Coordinating Board, RHA is one of the best ways to get involved on campus.
Every member pays an activity fee which is used for social, educational, cultural, and recreational programming, and to advocate the residential community's interests  to the campus community at large.

It is our mission to "put the unity in community!" 

To learn more of RHA's structure and laws, read our Constitution and By-Laws here!
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Remember that WE represent YOU, so take the time to get to know us and voice your opinions and concerns.


building Councils

Each Residence Hall features its own Building Council. These Councils are responsible for programming on a building level and for controlling to disbursement of funds  from their treasury. The President of each Council hold a seat in the Coordinating Board which they use to advocate for their Building's interests.

  • Elections for each Residence Hall's Building Council are held at the beginning of fall quarter.

  • Positions available are as follows: President, Administrative Vice President, Treasurer, Activities Chair, Athletic Chair, Publicity Chair, Webmaster, MAC, Recognition Chair, Health and Wellness Chair, Community Service Chair and Environmental Awareness Programming Chair.

  • Building Councils plan programs for their halls, allocate money towards front desk and recreational equipment, and represent the best interests of their residents.

Hall council meetings occur Tuesdays 9:00-10:00 PM within each respective residential hall and primarily discusses events and coordination within their own residential hall. 
What Hall Councils Do:

  • Approve flyering only for their residential hall

  • Fund groups for events held within their residential hall

  • Plan  for floor and hall games and events

  • Ask for new desk equipment

  • Inform residents of opportunities throughout the campus

  • Ex. Chi-chella, Farside Fair, San Cat Pool Party

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Submit to speak at our meetings

Coordinating Board meetings occur Tuesdays from 6:00-8:00 PM in the Loma Pelona Center. 

What Coordinating Board Does:

  • Manage usage of Residential lawns and tabling by the dining commons.

  • Programs large events such as All Hall Ball and Brawl.

  • Approve leafleting requests for the Residence Halls.

  • Fund groups and organizations for events they plan within the residential halls.

  • Support of campus projects that benefit the residents

  • Discuss issues that residential students may face.

To be put on a hall council agenda, please email one of the ARDs of the building you would like to contact here