Kevin claiborne

Peace. I am Kevin Claiborne, Student Leadership Programs Advisor. I am from Washington, D.C. and arrived in Santa Barbara from New York. I obtained a B.S. in Mathematics from the historically black college North Carolina Central University and a M.S. in Higher Education Administration from Syracuse University. Prior to attending Syracuse University, I served as Diversity Coordinator for Onondaga Community College. I am extremely passionate about education and entrepreneurship because they are two of the most powerful tools for changing the direction of one's life. I always push my friends and students to live at the intersection of doing what they love, doing what they're good at, doing what the world needs more of, and if you're lucky: doing what pays well. I am looking forward to learning about and growing within the UCSB family and community. My passions currently revolve around art, photography, mental health, and social justice. Fun fact: I always wear black. 

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James forrester

Hello everyone! My name is James Forrester and I am very excited to be a Student Leadership Program Advisor here at UC Santa Barbara! I am originally from the San Fernando Valley and went to undergrad at California State University Channel Islands. In 2016, I graduated with two degrees in both Sociology and Political Science. From there I moved to New Brunswick, New Jersey for graduate school at Rutgers University (RU) where I worked in their Residence Life department as a Student Leadership and Programming Advisor. In 2018, I graduated from RU with a Master of Education (Ed.M.) in College Student Affairs. Now that I am here at UCSB I am super excited to continue my journey and to get to know everyone as best as I can! Fun Facts: I ride a motorcycle, I love baseball [#ITFDB] & football [#MobSquad], and some of my favorite shows include: Game of Thrones, The Office/Parks and Recreation, and MASH. See you all around

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Deejay johnson

Hi I’m Deejay I have the pleasure of serving as the Student Leadership Programs Manager. I’m originally from the Midwest.  I have a degree in English and a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership. I love Great singers and love music of many kinds. I love sports like cooking, walking, and watching paint dry! As you can tell I am very athletic in fact so athletic I watch that huge cooking show called the Super bowl every year. It’s fascinating that they cook in such super bowls and how they throw that huge almond around in those strange outfits. I am so excited to work with the students and with Residential Housing Association. I enjoy hearing about people and their rich life stories. I believe each of us have something to give to this world and I love to help others discover that within themselves. Cheers to the amazing year we are going to share together! I look forward to working laughing and being our best self